Project Management

Environmental sustainability

Office-based initiatives which contribute to environmental sustainability include using natural lighting during the day, natural ventilation, and re-using and recycling paper.

We choose travel options where possible to minimise greenhouse gases, such as using public transport and purchasing carbon offsets for airline travel.


We are fully insured for the work we do by maintaining up-to-date insurance for professional indemnity, public liability, and workers compensation.   Our insurances are reviewed and renewed each year.

Occupational health, safety and rehabilitation

Sanbrah Pty Ltd, trading as Parkland Planners, takes its responsibilities for workplace safety under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 seriously.  In over 20 years of operation, Parkland Planners has had no workplace accidents or incidents.

Specific measures undertaken to ensure workplace health and safety are set out in our Work Health and Safety Policy and supporting documents which are available on request.